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Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
on back. >> all right. >> so, yeah, we've got concord pears featured in the box this week. and we did a little newsletter on it. it talks a little bit about the history of the concord pear. it's actually a really unique pear because it's able to be eaten firm. you don't actually have to wait completely until it gets completely soft. it's not an astringent pear when it's firm, so it's a great tasting pear. we thought you'd really enjoy it. >> thank you. i can't wait. >> yeah. >> eople love it. we at one time used to get some not healthy stuff in here--you know, donuts and things like that. and ever since we started getting fruit, i think people have really enjoyed it a lot more. >> this is a satsuma, a mandarin, and these come from a gty that we work with down in porterville, california. so a great way to eat it, if you want to try, you can actually pop your thumb right in the middle of it. it's a zipper skin, peels right off. it's super easy and delicious and tasty, so enjoy. >> thank you. >> all right, n. take care. >> you, too. >> i'm from the midwest, and so we have a lot of the tr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1